Words Are Wind


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Doran Martell: Have you ever considered that maybe some of these girls are not yours? Their mothers could just be claiming that you're the father because they know you would give their bastard children a better life than they could.

Oberyn Martell:

Obara Sand: *fearsome warrior who aggressively hates Westeros*

Nymeria Sand: *has threesomes with identical female twins*

Tyene Sand: *poisons anyone and everyone who gets in her way*

Sarella Sand: *disguises herself as a man so she can study in Oldtown*

Oberyn Martell: Yeah I'm fairly certain that they're all mine.


never take the road less traveled by. im lost in the woods and all i have is this stupid guide book called the complete works of robert frost

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when you see an item you love on the sale rack but then realize it was misplaced there


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